#Heytony: Should The Browns Make A Run In Free Agency At Chris Jones Or Christian Wilkins?

The biggest splash the Browns could make in free agency would be to sign defensive tackle Chris Jones of the Chiefs.

The biggest splash the Browns could make in free agency would be to sign defensive tackle Chris Jones of the Chiefs.

#HeyTony: Should the Browns make a run in free agency at Chris Jones or Christian Wilkins?

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Editor's note: Tony Grossi is a Cleveland Browns analyst for TheLandOnDemand.com and 850 ESPN Cleveland. He has covered the Browns since 1984.

Hey Tony: Is Christian Wilkins the best lineman we can get to complement Myles Garrett?

-- John, Stow, OH

Hey John: No, I would say Chris Jones would be the best possible D-lineman for the Browns to add. He may re-sign with the Chiefs, maybe not. Wilkins would be next and would cost less.

Hey Tony: If the Browns could make one splash free agent signing, who should it be?

-- Andy, New Albany, OH

Hey Andy: Signing either Jones or Wilkins would qualify as a splash signing. To me, one of those tackles would make a bigger impact on the Browns than any other player in free agency.

Hey Tony: With the recent news about mutual interest pertaining a Browns-Flacco reunion, how confident are you we will get our guy back?

-- Donovan, Massillon, OH

Hey Donovan: I believe Flacco would come back to the Browns unless he finds a better opportunity to play elsewhere. Where might that be? I’m watching Minnesota. If the Vikings aren’t able to re-sign Kirk Cousins, I think they’d be interested in Flacco. They were one of the teams that inquired about Flacco while Flacco was on the Browns’ practice squad. But Flacco didn’t want to leave the Browns at the time and they eventually signed him to their regular roster.

Hey Tony: There’s been no mention of our kicker re-signing. Is it in the works?

-- Sean, Valley City, OH

Hey Sean: Dustin Hopkins is under contract for 2024. The other kicking specialist, punter Corey Bojorquez, is a free agent. I would expect to re-sign him. Special teams coordinator Bubba Ventrone last year said he thought Bojorquez should have been the AFC Pro Bowl punter.

Hey Tony: Will the Browns bring in any competition against Hopkins as a backup?

-- Mike, Smithville, OH

Hey Mike: They took care of that when they signed kicker Lucas Havrisik to a futures contract. Unless they make a change, he’ll be on hand in training camp.

Hey Tony: In your opinion, what should the Browns do with the RB position? Redo Chubb’s contract? Sign a veteran RB during free agency? (who would be your choice), or draft one? Or just basically leave as is?

-- George, Bartlett, IL

Hey George: It’s very simple. They should restructure Chubb’s contract, with his cooperation, to allow him to stage a comeback in a Browns uniform. Nobody knows when he’ll return to the field; maybe midway through the season. Until then, they should add a third running back in the least expensive fashion. GM Andrew Berry and coach Kevin Stefanski have been pretty clear about using a running back-by-committee approach without Chubb. Adding a starting-caliber running back in free agency contradicts that approach.

Hey Tony: What’s the reality if he becomes a FA we go after a Calvin Ridley? Someone fast on the outside? Then we can move Moore to the slot?

-- Eric, Charleston, WV

Hey Eric: Coming off his second 1,000-yard season in five years, Ridley would command a contract in the $17.5 million-a-year range, according to Spotrac.com. At 29, that’s a hard pass for me. I’d rather sign Gabriel Davis, 25, at a Spotrac projection of $13.6 million a year. Moving Moore full time to the slot is the right objective.

Hey Tony: Why don’t we ever talk about linebacker?

-- Raymond, Canton, OH

Hey Raymond: As a need? Because the Browns prioritize linebacker last behind defensive line and secondary in their defensive scheme. Having said that, Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah is one of Berry’s draft success stories. Berry will always try to duplicate JOK’s story by finding linebackers later in the draft and developing them.

Hey Tony: What WR would you move up to take, and what picks plus Greg Newsome would be enough?

-- Jay, LaGrange, OH

Hey Jay: Let’s take a look at Adonai Mitchell of Texas (6-2, 205, 4.34 40). Dane Brugler of The Athletic rates Mitchell No. 35 on his draft board. For the Browns to move up from No. 54 to No. 35, it would take giving up their third-round pick. I don’t know how including Newsome in the deal would offset the draft compensation. But I don’t think the Browns want to trade Newsome.

Hey Tony: Can you see a scenario where a run on wide receivers and any over drafting of a QB that the Browns take best available over a reach at wide receiver?

 -- Sam, Lorain, OH

Hey Sam: Yes, it’s possible the Browns would not take a receiver at No. 54. Let’s see how free agency plays out. Maybe they fill that need with a veteran.

Hey Tony: Do you envision Amari Cooper as our #1 receiver next season or do you want him bumped to a #2 with a free agent or draft pick taking the #1 spot? 

-- AJ, Avon, OH

Hey AJ: I think it’s more realistic to draft a wide receiver to be No. 2 and Cooper to remain as the team’s No. 1.

Hey Tony: What rounds (besides the 1st) are the Browns missing in the upcoming draft?

-- Brad, Strongsville, OH  

Hey Brad: The Browns do not have picks in the first and fourth rounds as the final installment of the Deshaun Watson is paid. Overall they have picks in the following rounds: 2, 3, 5 (two), 6 (two) and 7.

Hey Tony: So you can play one course this weekend all expenses paid trip. Where are you going? Augusta, St. Andrews or Pebble & pick your favorite hole.

-- Mark, San Jose, CA

Hey Mark: Good lord, I’d go to any, of course. But pressed for one, I’d probably take Augusta. Favorite hole has to be the Par 3 No. 12.