#Heytony: Why Did J.J. Watt Pick The Arizona Cardinals?

J.J. Watt shocked everybody by signing a two-year deal for $31 million with the Arizona Cardinals, whom nobody had as a serious contender. (KHOU)

J.J. Watt shocked everybody by signing a two-year deal for $31 million with the Arizona Cardinals, whom nobody had as a serious contender. (KHOU)

#HeyTony: Why did J.J. Watt pick the Arizona Cardinals?

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Editor's note: Tony Grossi is a Cleveland Browns analyst for TheLandOnDemand.com and 850 ESPN Cleveland.

Hey Tony: If you want to compete for a Super Bowl, why would you sign with a team that didn't make the playoffs last year and plays in a division with three teams that did?

-- Leonard, Troy, OH

Hey Leonard: Maybe we just assumed that competing for a Super Bowl was high on J.J. Watt’s wish list. Fact is, he never publicly commented about what he was looking for. His choice of the Arizona Cardinals screams that his top priorities were 1. most money, and 2. location. It’s hard for me to believe any team offered more than $31 million over two years, with $23 million guaranteed. Ever since the Cardinals moved to Phoenix in the 1980s I felt they should mop up in free agency because Arizona is such a desirable location. They have been able to attract their share of free agents, but they have only one Super Bowl appearance since they’ve relocated. I’m not saying the present Cardinals’ team leaves Watt no hope for a Super Bowl in the two years of his deal. But they are behind the Seahawks and Rams in their division, and the 49ers could pass them, too, if they have better injury luck. Reuniting with former teammate DeAndre Hopkins might have played a small role, but I wouldn’t think it was a deal-maker. Ultimately, Watt’s choice was a stunner. I’m not aware of a Las Vegas sports book that even laid odds on the Cardinals signing the three-time defensive player-of-the-year.

Hey Tony: Who will the Browns target next in free agency?

-- Michael, Southington, OH

Hey Michael: I would think securing a pass rusher would be a priority. The next wave includes Yannick Ngakoue of Baltimore, Trey Hendrickson of New Orleans, Carl Lawson of Cincinnati, Romeo Okwara of Detroit, Justin Houston of Indianapolis, Takk McKinley of Las Vegas, and possibly Ryan Kerrigan of Washington. Their target depends on whether they want an older, short-term, spot player or an ascending, young, long-term starter.

Hey Tony: What position group should be prioritized through free agency (including re-signings) versus the draft?

-- Bryan, Chicago, IL

Hey Bryan: I would use free agency to sign a defensive end, cornerback, safety and linebacker. Oh, and a defensive tackle. That covers just about everything.

Hey Tony: In your opinion, who should the Browns keep in free agency? Who should they let go?

-- Jeff, North Olmsted, OH

Hey Jeff: Ideally, I would keep Rashard Higgins, Kendall Lamm, Vincent Taylor, KhaDarel Hodge, Cody Parkey, B.J. Goodson and Terrance Mitchell. That’s impractical, however, so my next cut would be Higgins, Lamm, Taylor, Hodge and Parkey.

Hey Tony: Is Marshon Lattimore on the Browns radar?

-- JB, Stow, OH

Hey JB: I doubt the Browns want to invest $60 million-plus in a veteran cornerback when they have to re-invest in Denzel Ward soon.

Hey Tony: What do you think of the Browns maybe going after a guy like Bud Dupree from Pukesburg? I believe he’s a free agent or am I wrong?

-- Mike, Winesburg, OH

Hey Mike: You mean the guy who tore his ACL in Week 12 and has played his whole NFL career as a 3-4 outside linebacker? Naw.

Hey Tony: What will a contract for Rashard Higgins look like? Maybe four years for $20 Mil!

-- Tom, Los Angeles, CA

Hey Tom: The $5 million-a-year average has been proposed by some noted Websites. I’m not sure Higgins can attract that kind of deal on the open market, but I certainly think he is more valuable to the Browns than to other teams because of his undeniable chemistry with Baker Mayfield.

Hey Tony: Do you see the Browns having Landry, OBJ & Higgins all three on their roster in 2021?

-- Aaron, Meadow Bridge, WV

Hey Aaron: I think the odds are good. They would increase if Landry restructured his contract.

Hey Tony: What does Baker need to work on to go to the next level? Is Coach Stefanski providing that guidance?

-- Aimee, Hudson, OH

Hey Aimee: He would probably say, “Continue to work on ball security, not turning it over.” I just think a second season in the Stefanski offense with Alex Van Pelt as coordinator/quarterbacks coach will make Mayfield better. The point is to take the offense to the next level, not just Mayfield.

Hey Tony: Should the Browns now go after KJ Watt?

-- Jake, Cincinnati, OH

Hey Jake: Is he the fourth brother that nobody talks about? The Pelaton enthusiast?