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Learn More The Land On Demand is a place for fans to listen to all of their favorite WKNR shows and relive the best moments in WKNR history, all commercial break free and on-demand.

You can navigate to each show’s own page of full show podcasts and watch your favorite hosts live in studio as well.

Subscribe You can subscribe to The Land On Demand by signing up here, and you can choose a monthly or annual membership option. If you choose a monthly membership option, you can cancel by the 1st of each month.

Please note that you can only log in with one device at a time, but you can listen with your phone, tablet or computer.

What does commercial break free mean? It means that we took out all of the commercial breaks in the shows. This doesn’t mean you’ll never hear advertisers mentioned, as we will still have “live” commercials within the shows. A live commercial is integrated into the content or conversation of the show, so we can’t cut them out, but you won’t have to listen through a full break of recorded commercials.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is The Land On Demand?

The Land On Demand is a subscription website and App where you can listen to full-show podcasts on demand and free of recorded commercials. In addition, we are offering live video stream of our shows too, and we plan on rolling out exclusive content soon. It costs $85 per year, which works out to about $7/month. Or, you can opt for a month-to-month plan for $8.50/month. You can still listen live to all of our shows for free over the air on ESPN 850 WKNR, the ESPN App or on ESPNCleveland.com, but this new site is designed for those who want to listen to full shows and premium content on-demand.

Why did you go to a paid model? I want to listen for free.

Fans can still listen to all of our content for free over the air, or via the stream at ESPNCleveland.com or the ESPN App. The podcasting option is tailored for fans who can't listen live, or would like to listen without recorded commercials, which makes it a premium service. The Land On Demand features podcasts of the shows and interviews, a live video stream of the live studio show, and exclusive content. This was the best way we could provide fans what they have been asking for - full show podcasts, without recorded commercials, all of which requires WKNR and Good Karma Brands to invest in resources to provide this experience to our fans.

Why $8.50 or $85 per year?

We know there are a lot of different ways people choose to invest in content and entertainment today, and The Land On Demand was created as a way to offer a unique experience that Cleveland sports fans have been requesting for years. Our goal is to create and provide great content that will be worth your investment. If you invest in a full year of The Land On Demand, it will come to a little more than $7 per month - or just 23 cents per day.

What does "without recorded commercials" mean?

We have edited out all pre-produced commercial breaks in the shows. You will still hear live commercials, which are integrated into the content of the show, so it wouldn't be possible for us to edit those commercials out.

I want to listen and see what's happening during commercials breaks on the live video stream - is that an option you're exploring?

We are considering that as a feature of the live video stream for the future, but it is not something that is available right now.

Can I listen live to the shows without video on the app or website?

You can listen live through ESPNCleveland.com, the ESPN App or over the air, but we do not have a live audio stream on The Land On Demand. If you'd like to see the shows live in-studio, you can watch via the video stream on The Land On Demand.

I need help - I forgot my password.

Simply go to the log-in screen on the website (thelandondemand.com) and click on "forgot my password."

Can I log in on multiple devices?

You can listen on multiple devices, but can't be logged in to The Land On Demand on more than one device at the same time.

I'm having trouble with the App, what should I do?

First, make sure you have the latest update of the App. Sometimes, software will change with Android or iOS and we update the app to respond to that change. Then, make sure you have the latest operating system update on your device, and that you're connected to Wifi or have a strong cellular network connection.

Also, make sure you're logged out of the site on other devices. If you're still having trouble, please email appfeedback@goodkarmabrands.com with the following information: A detailed explanation of the specific problem or issue you're experiencing. Which device you're using, including the operating system. A screengrab of the error or issue you're experiencing.

I'm trying to watch the live video stream but I don't see it - what's going on?

The live stream is currently only available when we're in the studio, so if the show is on a remote broadcast at a different location, you will not see the video stream. Cleveland Browns Daily also broadcasts remotely from the "Dawg Bowl" in Berea, and is unavailable via stream.

I want to be able to fast forward or skip ahead to the next segment - can I do that?

You can scroll through the podcast if you'd like to fast forward through a particular section, but as far as a "fast forward" or "rewind" option, we are working on this feature as part of a future App update.

How do I download podcast's to listen offline?

Android Users: Select the show and date you would like to download. Then, select the box that says "Available Offline" and the episode will begin to download. After the podcast has downloaded, the clouds to the left of each hour will turn green. Select the four lines in the upper right corner of the App, then select "Offline Mode" and you downloaded podcast will be available there.

IOS Users: Select the show and date you would like to download. Then, select the "Available Offline" box. Slect the menu button, go to "Offline Mode" and your downloaded podcast will be there. Please note: It may take a few minutes for show to download, depending on your network or wifi connection speed.

Can I download podcasts on my computer?

You can only download on a mobile device due to security issues.