#Heytony: Are The Browns Worried About Deshaun Watson’S Return From Shoulder Surgery?

The Browns saw former Ravens QB Tyler Huntley as a cheap insurance policy in case Deshaun Watson has trouble recovering from 2023 shoulder surgery -- or suffers another injury in 2024.

The Browns saw former Ravens QB Tyler Huntley as a cheap insurance policy in case Deshaun Watson has trouble recovering from 2023 shoulder surgery -- or suffers another injury in 2024.

#HeyTony: Are the Browns worried about Deshaun Watson’s return from shoulder surgery?

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Editor's note: Tony Grossi is a Cleveland Browns analyst for TheLandOnDemand.com and 850 ESPN Cleveland. He has covered the Browns since 1984. 

Hey Tony: I’ve read all the reasons as to why adding Tyler Huntley to the QB room was a bonus, but it appears to me having Huntley and Jameis Winston with DTR is signaling doubt about Deshaun Watson’s shoulder and his arm strength. I’m not buying the story. Your thoughts? 

-- Sam, Lorain, OH

Hey Sam: The Browns erred badly in starting the 2023 season with raw rookie Dorian Thompson-Robinson as the top backup behind Watson. I believe they learned from it. When Huntley was left unsigned, they saw him as a cheap insurance policy in case Watson and Winston get injured. They keep saying Watson will be fine, but the emphasis on experienced backup quarterbacks this year would lead anyone to believe that nothing is guaranteed.

Hey Tony: Will a new indoor facility help attract free agents and prevent having to overpay them?

-- Evan, Cleveland, OH

Hey Evan: There’s no new indoor facility planned in Berea. The Browns are always expanding their campus, and are now in the process of creating multi-use development outside of it. Besides, facilities do not attract free agents. Money does. The definition of free agency is overpaying for players.

Hey Tony: What are the most likely WRs available at pick 54? 

-- Pedro, Chicago, IL

Hey Pedro: The top draftniks estimate as many as 12 receivers could be taken in the first 50 picks. If so, a few of the following receivers may be available at No. 54: Xavier Legette of South Carolina, Ricky Pearsall of Florida, Jay’Lynn Polk of Washington, Malachi Corley of Western Kentucky, Roman Wilson of Michigan, Devontez Walker of North Carolina, and Jalen McMillan of Washington.

Hey Tony: How many Super Bowl berths did the Vikings get since they built a dome?

-- Mike, Cleveland, OH

Hey Mike: U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis hosted Super Bowl 52 following the 2017 season.

Hey Tony: Why do the Browns ever invest in MLB’s ? I can’t remember the last time the Browns had an All-Pro MLB.

-- David, Cleveland, OH

Hey David: Well, Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah played some middle linebacker and he earned an AFC Pro Bowl spot. He could make an All-Pro team before his career is over.

Hey Tony: Do you think new Brook Park stadium would include new Browns offices and new facilities for training camp, like at Lakeland Community College?

-- Paul, Chicago, IL

Hey Paul: It’s premature to say. The Browns’ headquarters and training camp will continue to be based at their CrossCountry Mortgage campus in Berea until further notice.

Hey Tony: Do you think the Browns decided to not bring back Joe Flacco because they know they don’t need a strong-armed QB with the dome stadium on the horizon? 

-- Jim, Galion, OH

Hey Jim: Flacco will be a grandpa by the time a new Browns stadium is open in 2029 or 2030. (Hyperbole.) The Browns replaced Flacco with Jameis Winston because they felt he was a better cultural fit with Deshaun Watson. That’s the most diplomatic way I can state it.

Hey Tony: Do you expect Andrew Berry to draft some depth for the O-line given new staff as well as injuries the past couple years?

-- Mike, Fort Worth, TX

Hey Mike: Berry will always draft at least one offensive lineman in the draft. He added tackle Hakeem Adeniji in free agency.

Hey Tony: Despite Stefanski’s relative success and foreseeable future with a contract extension, how do you rank him among AFC North HC’s particularly Tomlin & Harbaugh who have SB and over 14+ years experience?

-- Stan, Canton, OH 

Hey Stan: Mike Tomlin has won nine AFC North division titles in 17 seasons, John Harbaugh has won five in 16 seasons, and Zak Taylor has won two in five seasons. Kevin Stefanski has won zero in four seasons. So that is how I would rank them.

Hey Tony: How much if any drop off from Bill Callahan to Andy Dickerson is there on coaching the O-line given our experienced players?

-- JB, Copley, OH  

Hey JB: Callahan’s mastery in developing young players is one of the things that made him a legendary coach. Dickerson has big shoes to fill. We’ll see how it goes.