#Heytony: What’S The Ultimate Solution To The Baker Mayfield Situation?

Baker Mayfield may be out of sight, but he's not out of mind. (USA Today)

Baker Mayfield may be out of sight, but he's not out of mind. (USA Today)

#HeyTony: What’s the ultimate solution to the Baker Mayfield situation?

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Editor's note: Tony Grossi is a Cleveland Browns analyst for TheLandOnDemand.com and 850 ESPN Cleveland.

Hey Tony: Would the Browns get a comp pick in 2023 if they just hold onto Baker through the season and lose him to free agency next year?

-- Josh, Galena, OH 

Hey Josh: If Mayfield stayed on the Browns’ roster through the 2022 season and left in free agency after his contract ran out, the Browns would be eligible for a comp pick in 2024. The round would be determined by Browns overall losses v. gains in free agency in 2023, plus the size of contract Mayfield signs with his new team. More than likely, they would receive a third-round pick – unless they had more gains than losses in free agency.

Hey Tony: Could the Browns rework Baker’s contract and convert a chunk of that money as a signing bonus? 

-- Tyler, Marshallville, OH

Hey Tyler: Sure. But it would take the cooperation of Baker and his agent. For instance, the Browns could convert, say, $10 million of his salary into a bonus, and then trade him with $8.58 million in salary inherited by the new team. This procedure is the most likely scenario to make Mayfield more tradeable.

Hey Tony: Do you think Mayfield, if still on the team, will be allowed by the team to stay at home (not come into the building) and get paid his salary?

-- Doug, Austin, TX

Hey Doug: Mayfield could press the issue and report to the team when mandatory activities begin, such as June minicamp and training camp. That would pressure the Browns to move him either by trade or release because that is when he truly would be a distraction. The Browns would not be able to prevent Mayfield from attending. It would be so awkward, like a divorced spouse crashing the ex’s second wedding.  

Hey Tony: At what point do Baker and his people come to the table and be willing to negotiate a buyout a.k.a. Odell?

-- Matt, Columbus, OH

Hey Matt: I don’t see Mayfield voluntarily giving up a dime of the $18.858 million guaranteed him. But the two sides should put aside their differences because it is in the best interest of both parties to move on.

Hey Tony: What is the first thing you look for when the Browns schedule is released?

-- Andy, New Albany, OH

Hey Andy: Games on Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks. Travel is the worst during those two holidays. As a “fan,” I look to the opener and prime-time games. After that, the rhythm of the division schedule, which, ultimately, is the most important.

Hey Tony: Favorite and least favorite road trip?

-- Chris, Parma, OH

Hey Chris: Believe it not, the annual trips to Baltimore are my favorite. Great city to visit. My least favorite venues on the Browns’ 2022 road schedule are FedEx Field in Landover, MD, and Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA.

Hey Tony: So what's the thought process involving our interior line? Who's ahead to start and do you see us signing another player?

-- Ruck, Cleveland, OH

Hey Ruck: I’m assuming you’re asking about the interior of the defensive line. Right now, I’d say the starters are Taven Bryan and Jordan Elliott. However, I would expect Perrion Winfrey to challenge for a starting spot. Others in the rotation are Tommy Togiai and Sheldon Day. There may be no Pro Bowler in the group, but I think the Browns like the mix.

Hey Tony: Which team would you like see the Browns play in the opener?

-- APJ, Cleveland, OH

Hey APJ: Bills in Buffalo. Why? I want that three-hour drive to Orchard Park, NY, to be in September. If you’ve ever made that drive on I-90 East in the middle of December or even January, you would understand.

Hey Tony: Do you think Kareem Hunt is likely the next RB out of Cleveland with the addition of Jerome Ford in the draft?

-- Ryan, Pepper Pike, OH

Hey Ryan: Initially, I thought Ford would take D’Ernest Johnson’s roster spot. However, if the Browns received a trade offer for Hunt for at least a third-round pick, they might take it. It would have to be at least a third-round pick because that's probably what the Browns would receive in compensation if he left via free agency. I don’t expect the Browns to re-sign Hunt beyond this year. None of this would happen unless Ford established himself well into training camp.

Hey Tony: How many years does [Cade] York need to be a top 20 NFL kicker for the pick to be considered a successful fourth-round pick?

-- Scott, Plain City, OH

Hey Scott: I think if York wins a single game with a last-second field goal, it’s a successful fourth-round pick. Think about it. Harrison Bryant was a fourth-round pick in 2020. He’s been good. But has he individually won a game with a play at the end? Kickers have more opportunity to win and lose games as more games are decided by a few points.

Hey Tony: What’s the latest on Jadeveon Clowney to the Browns?

-- Victor, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Hey Victor: There’s been some buzz about Carolina making a pitch to him, trying to appeal to his desire to return to his roots in South Carolina. I have maintainted that Clowney’s best situation is with the Browns. But until he is re-signed, nothing is guaranteed.

Hey Tony: Do you see a [Deshaun] Watson suspension in 2022?

-- Gordon, Fort Myers, FL

Hey Gordon: Originally, I thought a suspension was unavoidable. Now there is a possibility a suspension could be delayed until 2023 until the 22 civil cases against Watson are tried or settled.

Hey Tony: Should the Browns trade for another star Wide Receiver if the money and draft pick is right? I feel they need 1 more solid or star type receiver.

-- Freddy, Corinth, MS

Hey Freddy: Maybe a trade makes more sense than signing a free agent. Because the pool of unsigned free agents is nothing to write home about.

Hey Tony: With an overall young WR corps, do you think the Browns are banking on them to come up to speed fast or for the QB play to elevate their production.

-- Stevie, Dayton, OH

Hey Stevie: I think the Browns are excited about both dynamics happening.

Hey Tony: If we don’t have a backup kicker, would it be smart to hire a former Browns kicker to the coaching staff to mentor York. Basically, let’s give PHIL a coaching job.

-- Chad, Erie, PA

Hey Chad: Phil Dawson told me he turned down offers to coach in the NFL last year. Instead, he took a job coaching a high school team in south Florida. He said he loves high school football and that is his calling for now.