#Heytony: What’S The Holdup On Deandre Hopkins Signing With The Browns?

Free agent wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins hasn't stirred the marektplace so far, which increases the chances of him ending up with the Browns. (USA Today)

Free agent wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins hasn't stirred the marektplace so far, which increases the chances of him ending up with the Browns. (USA Today)

#HeyTony: What’s the holdup on DeAndre Hopkins signing with the Browns?

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Editor's note: Tony Grossi is a Cleveland Browns analyst for TheLandOnDemand.com and 850 ESPN Cleveland. He has covered the Browns since 1984.

Hey Tony: When do you think this DeAndre Hopkins saga finally ends involving the Browns?

-- Charles, Phoenix, AZ

Hey Charles: Let’s pretend the Browns actually have made an offer to Hopkins. I don’t know that they have, but let’s pretend. And let’s pretend it was for far less than the $15 million the Ravens gave Odell Beckham Jr. Say, $8 million. So if you’re Hopkins, you sit on that offer and hope another team gets involved. And if you’re the Browns, you certainly aren’t going to bid against yourself and raise the offer. So if nothing changes, Hopkins either takes the Browns’ offer or waits for another team to show interest – possibly well into training camp. The fact is the market for Hopkins is very cool at the moment. The ball is in Hopkins’ court.

Hey Tony: Would you go after DeAndre Hopkins if it means DPJ asking for a trade?

-- Jonathan, Lakeland, FL

Hey Jonathan: 1. DPJ would not ask for a trade. 2. DPJ is one of GM Andrew Berry’s best draft picks. Berry would not trade DPJ. End of story.

Hey Tony: D-Hop on the Browns feels like Shaq on the Cavs to me. Why do fans want him so bad!?

-- Rocky, North Olmsted, OH 

Hey Rocky: Listen, Browns fans want Ezekiel Elliott, Dalvin Cook, Yannick Ngakoue, Marcus Peters, Ndamkong Suh and any other veteran player with a marquee name. I still hear fans say they should re-sign Sheldon Richardson. There’s also this feeling that whatever Deshaun Watson wants, the Browns should provide. I think this is a very interesting decision to be made by Andrew Berry.

Hey Tony: What position will have the most interesting battle for starting spots?

-- APJ, Cleveland, OH

Hey APJ: I guess the starting tackle next to Dalvin Tomlinson is up for grabs. Another is return specialist – Jakeem Grant or a cast of thousands? But the intriguing one is the No. 2 cornerback battle between Greg Newsome and M.J. Emerson.

Hey Tony: What are the four weakest position groups for the Browns headed into training camp?

-- Paul, Rocky River, OH

Hey Paul: Other than linebacker, I wouldn’t label any position group as weak.

Hey Tony: How refreshing was it to hear Jim Schwartz say his primary goal wasn’t player satisfaction but team success? Do you think Schwartz’s background gives him the ability to make that statement whereas Joe Woods wasn’t able to draw that hard line with the players?  

-- AJ, Avon, OH

Hey AJ: Jim Schwartz is old school. Doesn’t blow smoke at players. Toes the line between telling it like it is and soothing player egos. Nowadays, coaches are careful to avoid torching players with public comments. Back in the day, Bill Parcells didn’t give a squat about hurting a player’s feelings. Times are different.

Hey Tony: Will you and other media be in WV to cover the first week of camp?

-- Brian, Knoxville, TN

Hey Brian: I can’t speak for other media outlets. I will be there for gavel-to-gavel coverage from Day One. On TLOD, you will be seeing stories, podcasts and videos from the Greenbrier Resort. Get ready.

Hey Tony: Is there one Browns player or coach that you think might be able to beat you in a round of golf?

-- Josh, Galena, OH

Hey Josh: Nobody I can think of off-hand.

Hey Tony: Any news on the white helmets with the throwbacks this season?

-- Ryan, Phoenix, AZ

Hey Ryan: No news on this. I have a theory as to why, but it’s not worth bringing up. I would expect the Browns to wear white helmets for at least one game. If they don’t, the franchise will survive.

Hey Tony:  Do you think Anthony Schwartz makes the team?

-- Ed, Cleveland, OH

Hey Ed: In two OTA practices viewed by the media, Schwartz hasn’t even practiced due to some undisclosed injury. Let’s be honest, if Schwartz wasn’t a third-round draft pick, he wouldn’t have made the team in 2021 or 2022.