WKNR Classics

WKNR Classics

Since 1991, WKNR has been the first place Cleveland fans go to talk sports. Now, some of your favorite moments are available on-demand any time! Search the extensive archive and relive the most exciting and memorable clips!


Classics - Top-40 Team Discussion

September 6, 2019 3 a.m.

The content team sat down for an hour of discussion, disagreement, discord, and decisions as we determined who & what made the Top-40 Sports Moments in our Marcs countdown celebrating 40-years in NEO. To be eligible, moments had to occur AFTER 1979 and no later than Spring 2019.

Classics - Emmett's Bus Story

May 30, 2019 3 a.m.

Emmett, Jerod and Matt reminisce on the Cavs championship, which leads to an epic story about Emmett trying to get around The Bay. As he stepped foot on public transportation, chaos ensued, and the segment flew out of control.

Classics - Stan gets the Buzzer

May 2, 2019 3 a.m.

The Sound board is broken and every time friend of show and longtime caller "Stan the Man" tries to talk, he gets the fog horn. If you ever stop laughing, enjoy the rest of the classics!

Classics - Grossi & Donovan on Kitchens Hire

January 14, 2019 2 a.m.

Tony Grossi and Jim Donovan sit down for a classic podcast on the current state of the locker room, how it compares to the winning teams of the 80's, and Freddie Kitchens is announced as HC giving Baker Mayfield his guy in the pilot's chair.

Classics - Grossi & Rizz on The Drive

January 11, 2019 2 a.m.

Tony Grossi joins RBS in-studio to reminisce on The Drive, what that game meant to both of them, all the what if's, the travel plans, and more here in a classic segment.

Classics - Jerod's Ant Wars

December 6, 2018 2 a.m.

Jerod was a simple child, so simple that he would play War with the ants in his neighborhood. He tells the story of his childhood while Matt and Emmett absolutely lose their minds!

Classics - The Next Level w/ TJ Carrie

October 12, 2018 3 a.m.

Browns CB and Ohio University alum, TJ Carrie, joins Emmett & Jerod in-studio for an incredible interview after a win. He has insight on the referees, his performance, this team coming together, and more. He's a true pro, and has a future behind the mic . . .

Classics - Grossi tells the Kosar Story

October 7, 2018 3 a.m.

The real story behind how Bernie Kosar found his way back home to Cleveland via Ernie Acorsi and the supplemental draft. Was it legal? How did it come together? And the aftermath of the entire event now known as the greatest heist in Cleveland Browns history.

Classics - Crazy Marijuana Names

August 21, 2018 3 a.m.

Baker Mayfield posing with a Tiger for a magazine leads the Next Level into a hilarious discussion about his endorsements, marijuana, and the best possible names for strains (hypothetically)!

Classics - Carlton Mitchell Rant

August 17, 2018 3 a.m.

In an instant classic, Rizz goes OFF on a rant about Carlton Mitchell and how the Browns are an absolute dumpster fire when callers want him to give this guy a chance. In Tony's words, it's "LUDACRIS!"